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daNicci jewelry is a young brand with a rich history. At the end of the 1980s, the idea of changing stones started in England. At that time, so-called birthstones and moodstones were often used. The first idea was a silver pendant in the form of a small birdcage containing a colored stone. By opening a door it was possible to change the stone for a different color. Especially in the last years, the ‘design’ (exchange system) of your own jewel has taken a huge flight. Whether it is a bracelet with charms or a ring with topping, there are many different possibilities to create your own daNicci jewelry within every budget. daNicci is a stainless steel jewelry brand using natural stones and Cubic Zirconia.

daNicci distinguishes itself through its own designs, appearance and simplicity. The simplicity is in feeding one size of thread that is suitable for all jewelry and therefore completely interchangeable. It is easy for the wearer to adjust the jewelry by replacing the toppings. This way you can put together your own jewelry every day to match your outfit of the day. An explosive mix of colors on a glorious summer day, a more subdued business look when you go to apply or completely in red today.

Own image through our own designs. Our designers have collaborated in the past with brands such as Pure (with Sylvie Meis), Look (with Wendy van Dijk), OneJewels and more. Every day they are busy to develop new designs and thereby combining the right colors with each other. Appearance and color are central and give daNicci its own and special look.

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daNicci-jewelry presents two versions of earrings. We have a stud and creolen 19mm. On both versions you can put any topping you want to design your own earrings matching to your other jewelry or eyeglasses.


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We have different bracelets in our assortment for 1 to 5 toppings. Also very popular to wear more and different bracelets together.


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