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A topping is a piece of jewelry that you can screw on top of a ring, earring, bracelet or even on an eyeglass from daNicci.


Topping crown has a 7 mm zirconia fixed in a 6 prong setting. The light is able to reach the 'stone' all over and has a maximum shine.

Crown 7mm

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This topping is a closed setting with a 5mm zirconia in many different colors.

Beauty 5mm

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This topping is a closed setting with a 7 mm zirconia in many different colors.

Beauty 7mm

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Topping Mount is a closed setting with a 7mm natural stone. Because the stone is round it comes out the setting so you can see it very clear.

Mount 7mm

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Topping glitter is a small version with two colors of zirconia's combined to a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Glitter 6mm

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Topping brilliance has a bigger middle zirconia and around smaller zirconia's. A real classic design in a modern shape.

Brilliance 9mm

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Topping twinkle has many little zirconia's that create a twinkle.

Twinkle 10mm

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Dancing is a large topping with a transparent top and many little zirconia's inside. If you move the little stones 'dance' inside the topping and you see a nice sparkling. Very unique topping.

Dancing 15mm

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Topping facet is a larger topping with a cubic zirconia. The zirconia has many facets and that gives the topping a beautiful sparkle.

Facet 12mm

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Topping royal has a round natural stone with a crown with zirconia's just under the stone.

Royal 7mm SALE

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Topping pear is a high topping and cabouchon style.

Pear 5x8mm

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